Does a Tooth Extraction Hurt?

Getting a tooth pulled is scary, especially if it’s a first-time.  There’s always fear when it’s the first time. Add the fact that a tooth is being removed from the mouth and it adds to the fear and concern. However, extractions are necessary when the tooth pulp is infected and there is no chance of recovery or when extensive damage is apparent. Sometimes dentists recommend an extraction if the impacted tooth threatens the health of the surrounding teeth.

No matter the reason for the tooth extraction, the worry about pain is one almost every patient has. We fear what we don’t know, but considering that tooth extractions and dentists oftentimes get a bad rep, it makes it worse. This leaves many people in worse fear than necessary. Obviously a tooth extraction isn’t the best Saturday afternoon activity, but there’s no reason to fear an extraction. It won’t hurt as you might suspect. In fact, many people are relieved the tooth is finally gone.

The dentist takes all precautions to keep the patient as comfortable and relaxed as possible during an extraction. This makes their job much easier and ensures the patient has less anxiety and fear, so everyone wins. Local or general anesthesia is given to the patient to numb the area, and sometimes time, sedatives. There is no worry that any of the extraction processes will be felt. The dentist makes sure.

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Pain may be a part of the aftercare process. Rest assured the dentist has prescription pain relievers and antibiotics to keep the extraction area pain-free and healthy so it heals will. Follow all care instructions provided by the dentist to ease some of the pain that you might feel. Ice compresses and heat pads are two recommended treatment options for tooth extraction aftercare wilsonville.